Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Addicted to U~

Currently, I'm addicted playing this photo-game-thingy..
Cant stop myself from playing's like a drug to me..I need it..I love it..& most importantly I'm addicted to it..
Uuurgghh..why?..why now??
because tomorrow I'll be having Kontrol for Biochemistry (the killer subject for me)..there are 34 questions to read, to memorise, to practice..n bla..bla..
Ya Allah, I hope I'll manage to finish it up before tomorrow..or else, I'm dead.. At the moment I'm not in the mood to study but in the mood of relaxing myself..mmg with my brain now is supersaturated with the knowledges & some small percent of akupontaktawape..
Why is it hard for me to memorise everything I've read just now..Every time I finished reading something, & when I try to recall what I've read..I couldnt.. Hm..I got low memory in my head..How to overcome this problem huh?! U guys got any ideas?? mind to share?, here's the pics I've gained from the game..(it's a game of photo-editing)..proudly present to you