Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pre-Raya post~

we are the future docs~

salam to all!!!
I'm going to be brief and straight to the point because I have histology class tomorrow and I haven't read anything yet.

Having problem with Hari Raya here..Russia x taw bile raye..whether Saturday or Sunday..some said Saturday, but the Pak Arab said Sunday..but both sources were from masjid..but why lain2???

If let say kalo Saturday, hmm..I have to go to class..(class not classes..nyeh3x)..agak2.. Abg Zaitsev (si-pemenang-nobel prize aka cg biochem aku yg suke senyum bile sebut nme2 chemical2) will release us free without having any class or torture us with quizzes???Nooo~ hell NO!

Lately, asyk msg org Msia je..abis kredit ak..but that don't matter me a lot..for my lovely Ialwayshomesickbileteringatkorg family x pe..(top up 500rbls pon x pe)..heheh..x leyh gak..duit rakyat yg Pn.Munirah kasik ni pon makin sikit...(Abah, please add some money to my account thank you!..heheh =p)...wuwuw~ but still aku kuat shopping..i guess this week my tense, emotion, etc were like a roller coaster..sometimes up, sometimes down..mood swing gitu..paham2 le sendirikk..

Well, currently I am too homesick-ing. Becoming to lazy to study.. Dunno why...That's it (tak abis2). I've even planned to go to Malaysia for this winter break since the next Summer holidays I will not with the skyward membership point which emirates offer me free tickets to any country I want to go..yeah!!! last for three years je and depend to my skywards point..(but my plans were rejected by my family because they all plan to go to Germany..cess!!) I've got to stay strong and keep my head up. This is my future. I'll work hard for it. Go..Go..Chaiyok2!!!

Hmm..that's all the update of my dull n boring..besides having a hectic life as a medical student and problems in communication with the outsiders..hohoho~(ruski ak ploho)